When talking about this nowadays it’s not a matter of how many times has it been violated and in which way. In my case, it’s how many times, how many men and which one hurt the most?

Another nonconsent story for my fucked up memories. Is this going to end? Am I going to end soon? Is this God’s intended will or is it the permissive will?
Today, I fear every man that says they want to touch me and “love me” and try to “fix” me. Fuck off. I am not broken and I tried to trust you. You decided to not put the condom on, even if I explicitly told you to do so. You saw a gap, and took it. I gave you my back, literally, and you choose not to put the condom on.


One thought on “Consent. 

  1. Nonconsent, disrespect, taking advantage of someone…. To be vulnerable with a person and to trust someone only to have them disrespect and take advantage of you. It’s sickening how much this happens in our society. And for what? To have a sexual experience that feels better because there is no condom? To be malicious? To hurt someone who trusts you? To retrieve memories from your past so you can relive them again? To put thoughts in your head that make you want to hurt yourself? But he didn’t think about that…. no. He was just focused on himself in that moment. What a way to be selfish.

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